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How to "steal" this website!

(It's your civic duty -- so that's an order!)

If you spend any appreciable time studying Meditopia (the book contained on this site), you will gain some insight into how much suppression of value medical technology is occurring without the general knowledge (let alone consent) of the American people.
I believe that the material on this site, particularly the detailed instructions for curing cancer contained in the videos, will be regarded as so devastating to their corrupt positions that the FDA / AMA will stop at nothing to prevent the information from getting out. For this reason, I am providing information about the structure of the site and instructions as to how to download it so that (1) you can act as a "trustee" for the information and will be a position to share it with others; and (2) you can (if you have access to your own server) put the information up so that if my meditopia.org is no longer available (for possible reasons we won't detail here), others will be able to have access to the knowledge.
All I ask is that you do not change any of information presented here. Yes, this site was designed in the course of a couple months (before I had to go back to prison as a result of FDA charges), so there are typos and other defects. I discuss this in the Epilogue. Nonetheless, since I am the chef and whatever mess is to be found around the stove is of my own doing, I am reserving the right to clean up my own kitchen. I ask you to please respect my wishes while I'm in prison. No alterations of any kind --- please . . . In fact, I am waiving my copyrights only on the condition that the downloaded files not be altered.
My request that you "steal this website" is unusual, I know. I'm not just giving you permission -- I am asking you to do it. It is the price of what you owe me for the value of what I have to teach you. Once you have a time to get familiar with the material, as presented, you will fully understand why I have made this request.
The uninitiated will, of course, laugh at the idea that a web site that tells people how to cure cancer, AIDS, arthritis, and other ailments would be treated with greater hostility by our government than websites that tell you how to make bombs, or provide information about nuclear devices, etc., but that just how it is. The reality of FDA suppression underscores just how screwed up our system has become. As I say repeatedly on this site, you cannot reform the Matrix. You can only make a conscious decision to become unplugged. We have three branches of government: (1) an Executive Branch that exists to serve the Power Elite; (2) a Legislative Branch that has turned our Senate and House of Representatives into the world's most notorious brothels; and (3) a Judicial Branch that has, with the enforcement of Sentencing Guidelines, decided to forego its responsibilities and is now the lapdog of the Justice Department -- a criminal enterprise that is using its "Office of Asset Forfeiture" to scoop up billions of dollars in citizens' assets with subversive tactics that would make the most hardened chiefs of organized crime blush.
You have no one to represent your interests, but you.
It all starts with you, and you must start networking with other citizens who are "unplugged," or on the way to becoming "unplugged." Getting the information from this website out to the public -- and in tens of thousands of uncountable secret societies that share the knowledge is how you begin.
Okay, now are you ready to go? . . . Here are the specifics on the site:

Meditopia consists just three directories:
  1. one "root directory" (which contains ALL the web pages -- every one of them ending in ".htm");
  2. one "images directory" (the majority of the images used, with only a handful of frequently used one residing in the "root"); and
  3. one "document directory" containing various documents linked from the "book," most of which can be found in Chapter 3 of the book.
From a site manager's perspective, the structure is extremely simple and looks like this:
your-domain-name.com /
your-domain-name.com /images/
your-domain-name.com /docs/
If you don't want my stuff polluting your own killer site, that's fine. You can create a separate copy of Meditopia beneath your own root, and it would look like this:
your-domain-name.com / meditopia /
your-domain-name.com / meditopia /images/
your-domain-name.com / meditopia /docs/
So you will only need to FTP into three directories. One root directory with the "images" and "docs" subdirectories directly under it. The files below that you will use to recreate my site are ZIP files. and the names I have chosen correspond to the directories into which the "extracted" files in each of these ZIP files go. Simply click on the "zips" below and "deposit" the extracted files into the respective directories above:
root_meditopia_9_23_04.zip -- 276 k
imgs_meditopia_9_23_04.zip -- 11,913 k
docs_meditopia_9_23_04.zip -- 2,369 k -- (excluding the WMV video files, which we did not include in this zip because of their sheer size: 378 Megs. You can get them separately via CD by request.)
After downloading the files and putting them in the right directories on your computer or server, you must correct the anchor links. Specifically, I used "absolute" and not "relative" Hypertext REFerence (href) pathnames. (Don't get scared --- let me explain because it's easier than you think.) You will need to go through the HTM files in the root, using an editor and "search and replace" with your own domain name -- would take me about 10 minutes -- but it will probably take you longer. Sophisticated web designers are going to wonder why I just didn't use "relative pathnames" instead. Well, the thing is . . . I use a Wintel machine in the studio and a Unix server for Meditopia. If you were downloading my site and putting them on a Unix server, than I could have gotten away with using "relatives." But only some of you will be putting my files on a Unix server. Here is the difference:
img src=/images/paracel_s.jpg or
a href=/docs/sue_depos.doc

. . . instead, I used . . . (staying with the two examples given):

img src="http://www.meditopia.org /images/paracel_s.jpg" and
a href="http://www.meditopia.org /docs/sue_depos.doc"
If you study the difference between these two pairs, you'll get a sense of what I'm talking about, even if you're not proficient in HTML. Speaking of which . . . Meditopia was written in raw code with a DOS editor. Except for my typos, a web site doesn't get any "cleaner" than this one. There is no "code bloat" to have to crawl through -- (I would never have made it at Microsoft). It is as simple as you can get. That's good and bad: easy to make changes . . . and easy for someone very friendly with the FDA to make unauthorized changes and try to put out disinformation. Please watch for this. I detail a hideous actual case study of this type of bad behavior in Chapter 7, on Gresham's Law & its Treacherous Application. In any event, open each one of the HTM files. Here is a checkoff list you can print out to make this easier for you (just "copy and paste" in your notepad):

[ _ ] --- index.htm
[ _ ] --- sitemap.htm
[ _ ] --- intro.htm
[ _ ] --- faq.htm
[ _ ] --- email.htm
[ _ ] --- dload.htm
[ _ ] --- video.htm

. . . and now the body of the book:

[ _ ] --- intro_b.htm
[ _ ] --- toc.htm
[ _ ] --- chap1.htm
[ _ ] --- chap2.htm
[ _ ] --- chap3.htm
[ _ ] --- chap4.htm
[ _ ] --- chap5.htm
[ _ ] --- chap6.htm
[ _ ] --- chap7.htm
[ _ ] --- chap8.htm
[ _ ] --- chap9.htm
[ _ ] --- chap10.htm
[ _ ] --- chap11.htm
[ _ ] --- chap12.htm
[ _ ] --- chap13.htm
[ _ ] --- chap14.htm
[ _ ] --- chap15.htm
[ _ ] --- chap16.htm
[ _ ] --- chap17.htm
That's it . . . That's the whole site with respect to changeable pages.
To make changes, just use one of the better DOS editors on the market. I recommend "EditPad." (See http://www.ping.be/jp). On EditPad, you just hotkey "Ctrl-F" to bring up the "Search and Replace" window.
If you're putting Meditopia on a Unix server, then use the following as you open each ".htm" page (since I don't know the domain you'll use, I'm calling it 'your-domain-name.com'):

Text to find: http://www.meditopia.org
Replace with: http://your-domain-name.com
Then hit "Replace All," close the search window, and Ctrl-S to save your file. Check off the HTM file on your checklist and go to the next one. Repeat until you have altered ALL the HTM files. If you're putting this website on your Wintel machine and want to view it locally, the changes you make will be slightly different. Using the same program (I chose EditPad for my example) you enter the following:
Text to find: http://www.meditopia.org/images/
Replace with: \images\
Text to find: http://www.meditopia.org/docs/
Replace with: \docs\
And then . . . as before, just click on "Replace All," close the search window, and type Ctrl-S to save your file.
After you finish changing all the files you are done . . . almost.

If you feel that you have gained something of value from this site, please share it with others and let them know the importance of preserving the knowledge.
That's all I ask.
When you are ready, go back and click on each zip file by name and begin your downloads. I recommend that you initially put all three ZIP files in a new directory on your local computer (DOS command: mkdir c:\meditopia) and then use WinZip or similar program to "extract" the files. If you have questions, email my assistant.

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