From: Melissa Marzullo 
To:  Greg Caton 
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Subject: Concerning Kevin Holt

Introduction: On February 20, 2013, I received
 the following letter from Melissa Marzullo,
 a friend of Kevin Holt, which I am posting for general
 interest.  I have edited this letter so that it addresses
 the core issue. My response to her letter follows.

. . . You posted in Chapter 3 info regarding Kevin M Holt. Former Lance Corp of Marines convicted of murder. People like you piss me off because you never write the whole story. You make him look as guilty as the government and fail to write out the other side of things. Here is some facts you should know. Perhaps the next time you write about someone, you do your research better. First of all, it wasn't just a couple of people who saw Brent Arthur alive. Nine people saw him, one claimed to have breakfast with him the morning after Kevin left town. Fact two, the prosecutor was the defense attorney's boss. Fact three, key evidence in the case, that was handcuffed to an officer on the way to lab was unaccountable for 24 hours. Fact four, at lab, jeans with no visible stains going to the lab, returned from the lab with blood stains. Fact five, same lab, lab tech was indicted and convicted in over two hundred civil cases of evidence tampering and altering - many of which resulted in overturned convictions. The military did not do so for it's cases handled by the same lab tech. Fact six, much of the evidence all of which was circumstantial disappeared after the first trial, making it impossible to conduct a retrial. Fact seven, forensic evidence regarding what happened to Brent was inconsistent with the prosecutions portrayal of what occurred. Forensic evidence showed larva in him that was not mature enough for his body to have been where it was for as long as they claimed. (Fact eight), Had this evidence been permitted in to trial, it would have proven Kevin's alibi. Fact nine, the two men who claimed Kevin confessed to them were the actual murderers. This evidence was brought forward by their former girlfriends after the trial. When it was brought out for appeal, it was said eyewitness testimony wasn't enough to deserve an appeal. The girls said they were in the car when the two men murdered Brent. They witnessed it. They conveniently disappeared unable to be located later. Fact ten, Maury Povich AND Unsolved Mysteries wanted to air shows regarding Kevin's conviction. Povich dropped it when the government refused to allow cameras to interview Kevin. Unsolved Mysteries aired the crime, citing that it remained unsolved even though Kevin was Convicted because after reading the trial transcripts and researching (which you clearly failed to do thoroughly) they determined the government had the wrong man. The key issue with Kevin's case is because he had military appointed attorney his defense was lapsing any fight. Nine witnesses were seen as elvis sightings despite the credibility of the people testifying. Much of the evidence that would and could exonerate Kevin was not allowed into trial in the first place. There was not one bit of forensic evidence against Kevin until the mysterious blood stains sprouted on the jeans. This case was high profile and the military needed a quick conviction. They railroaded a circus court of monkeys to get it. Kevin was scheduled to be released in January, 2012. Did you know that after he was taken to the Seattle Detention Center, as they waited for a halfway house to locate him, they withdrew his parole? Don't you find the actions throughout both the trial, and his incarceration suspect? I certainly do. Did you also know that sealed juvenile records of a kid whose uncle was the chief of police were used in trial. He and his now cop cousin were constantly pranking, and that was used. Did you know he had been given a coffin and living alone, struggling to pay rent and go to school Kevin kept it figuring, eventually he'd need to be buried. He used it as a coffee table and when he had teen parties, drunk kids loved to sleep it off in the coffin. Instead of being the silly teen like thing it was, it was made to be some ugly black behavior of a budding killer. Unlike you, I knew Kevin. He was my brother's best friend in High School. Let me tell you, first of all he was very religious. Second of all, he had the patience of a gentleman . . . while he was like a big brother to me, my girls would literally lay on top of him when he crashed on our couch. Instead of throwing them off, he would just sit there without touching her, without moving, patiently asking her to get off him. Ten minutes it would take before she gave up and climbed off and he never got mad. My brother and Kevin and my mom and I all went to Bon Jovi must have been 88 or 89. My first concert, and my mother's first of such caliber. She was in trouble being smashed so Kevin ushered her to the back of the crowd, pushing the way for her. Later I had found my way to a mosh pit and fell. I was being trampled and Kevin came to my rescue where my own brother said to leave me to my own devices. He picked me up, threw me on his shoulders so I could see. Then paired up with a couple to lock arms with the guy so his girlfriend and I could stand inside and not get thrown around or hurt. That was the guy Kevin was. He cared about his friends and his family. He was not the kind of guy who would murder a friend. He has admitted to his role in the motorcycle theft ring. One that reportedly reached Washington D.C. Kevin was a scape goat for something far more sinister than he was aware. Despite promises of a faster parole if he admitted his alleged guilt, he refused (this was after his conviction). What you also seemed to fail to get is that Glenda created CAMI to bring all military injustice to light, not just Kevin's. She testified at a congressional hearing regarding Military Injustice. Did you know that the military justice system has a 99.5% conviction rate? That is higher than all other countries except China. Glenda wanted to see changes brought to the UCMJ to see that future cases weren't handled like Kevin's. She wanted to see that the very men and women fighting to uphold the Constitution, were afforded protection just like every other American. I urge you to do better research in the future. Even better how about you research just why it is that Kevin Holt is still in prison? (BTW I know these details because my brother testified on behalf of Kevin during sentencing. He was there for the trial.) Kevin was adopted (symbollically) in to my family when he befriended my brother. My family home was his home. He was a better brother to me than my own was. He valued the people in his life because his own family hadn't always been there for him. He was a solid kid who made mistakes and got in bed with the wrong group of people. I stand firmly to say that he was, and to this day is not a killer. You and I are lucky, we have a justice system that allows innocent people to walk free. We are judged by our peers. Evidence is not typically manipulated and when it is, people are held accountable. Kevin was not afforded such rights. As a member of the military, he was judged by a panel of officers, not peers. He was found guilty in the media before the trial ever started and no one has been accountable for the manipulated forensics or the lab interference. So who was there to protect Kevin and fight for his innocence? A single man whose entire career hung in the hands of the prosecutor. Yup that sounds fair, NOT! The civillian police only arrested Kevin as a suspect by order of the government. They even apologized to him because they didn't consider him a suspect. Kevin has been in prison 21 years. Don't you think others find their way to his corner and start making noise to set him free? I think he has more than paid his debt for the thefts. As for the murder, do you really think he did it based on the information I've handed you? IF you do, then you aren't very bright . . . Melissa Marzullo
[ My response ] Melissa, I get the distinct impression that you didn't really read the small section I did in Chapter 3 of Meditopia. You come at me like I am condemning Kevin, when -- in fact, that entire right hand column on Chapter 3, Section 3 is devoted to making the point that the U.S. Government is completely full of shit when it comes to criminal law. They have no respect for truth and they do whatever they want. I may not have known Kevin as well as you did . . . we were together in Beaumont Prison in the same unit ( "TB" ), but my own sense is that he got completely railroaded by the Government. Your letter, however, does not reflect that. Tell ya what I'm gonna do . . . I will take your letter and link it to this section so that people have yet another input showing that he was unfairly dealt with. You say I don't research what I do . . . and yet if you Google "Kevin Holt" you don't find much. All I had to go on were the things that Kevin told me personally and the public accounts that are available online. AND STILL, I gave Kevin the benefit of a doubt, because I know how corrupt the system is. I haven't seen Kevin since November, 2005, so I don't know what has happened to him since I last saw him . . . but I have no doubt in my own mind that the murder for which he was imprisoned was completely bogus . . . as much as I know that I myself was put in prison for crimes that never occurred. Greg Caton Author, "Meditopia"